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odaada, established as an association in Vienna, has chosen its fields of activities as culture, art, design and creativity and aims to contribute to the theory and practice of these fields.

odaada defines itself as an open platform. Throughout the events it organizes and the opportunities it offers, Odaada brings artists and audience together and gives chance to societies and networks to know each other, to bridge different relations and construct new cooperation possibilities. It offers its support to people or groups who have a concept to create or an idea to produce and look for a platform. It is an atelier for various productive purposes. The events it hosts are visuals arts like photography and video installations, ceramic workshops for kids and adults, discovering creativity workshops. Also different designers and artists organize their own workshops in our room in different mediums.

Located in the eighth district of Vienna, odaada acts in collaboration with different actors and institutions. One of the common principles of the members is to contribute to the colorful and various cultural and intellectual lives of the district and the city. That is why odaada uses its own facade as an active information billboard not only for the members but also for the people walking by.

Another aim of odaada is to introduce international artists and professionals to Austria’s cultural and intellectual scene. Since we don’t believe in borders and restrictions odaada helps and supports the projects which are cooperated between Austria and other countries in the field of art and culture. It invites people and artists to its independent organizations like “Jazz Mai” or for international organizations like “Vienna Design Week” since it also wants to draw attentions to unique talents coming from all around the world.

May - June 2016:

into the west


gia marie houck 

28.5 - 4.6.2016

daily 10:00-18:00


vernissage 27.5.2016 19:00-22:00


common[room] ceramics workshops

4.6.2016 11:00-12:00 "discover your hands" for kids

4.6.2016 13:00-15:00 "discover your hands" for adults

please register in advance!



Florianigasse 54

1080, Wien




within the premises of



Opening hours: Wednesdays 14:30-20:30 and on event based occasions


Monthly workshops on the first Saturday of the month.


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